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A tool for removing the DRM protection from EPUB e-books
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ePub DRM Removal has been created to allow you to remove the DRM protection from EPUB e-books. It removes all the DRM limitations from e-books, enabling you to print or load and read them on any supported reader or device.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with any kind of DRM protected e-books. It will only remove the ADEPT DRM protection that restricts EPUB e-books to being opened and read only with the Adobe’s Digital Editions application. The good part is that this is the most common type of EPUB DRM protection, applied to OverDrive eBooks, Sony Library eBooks, purchased Kobo and Google books, etc. Anyway, this means that in order to successfully decrypt DRM-protected e-books using this program you will have to install Adobe Digital Editions first, if you don’t already have it installed, and load those books into its library. Then you may open the ePub DRM Removal application, use its “Browse” button to locate the e-books on the disk and select them to remove the protection. The interface of this application is extremely neat and simple: there are no settings, no options, no additional menus - only 3 simple buttons that allow you to select the book to be decrypted, start the decryption process and create a key file.

In conclusion, when you choose this tool to remove the DRM protection from your e-books, you should keep in mind that it won’t work with any ePUB file - it will successfully decrypt only ADEPT DRM protected e-books and only when working in conjunction with the Adobe Digital Editions tool.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple and neat interface
  • Doesn't change the source file as it creates stand-alone decrypted copies
  • Displays a decryption log in its main window


  • Removes only the ADEPT DRM protection - doesn't support iTunes ibooks and other types of encryption
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